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Party A:
Party B: seller account
  Unlocking Process
1 Enquiry Entrustment: Seller (Party B) need to provide your account email or Seller ID, and prepay us 1000 RMB, we’ll check the account locked reason and get back to seller within 24 hours. If seller continues to entrust us go further with the unlock process, the prepaid 1000 RMB can be included in the final unlocking fee, otherwise the advance of 1000 RMB will not be refund.
2 Internal verification: Seller (Party B) provides account email or Seller ID, Party A will internal verify the block reasons, or the reason for failed the appeal, and confirm whether the account condition are last word or not.
3 Success rate analysis: A and B communicate about the facts of account locks, discuss the seller appeal situations, analysis of the necessity of account unlocking and unlocking value
4 Unlocking Quotation: The unlocking price starting from RMB 50000, we quote according to the difficulty of unlocking. Party A will start the unlocking process after full payment
5 Unlocking Plan: Party A and Party B discuss the appeal plan, Party A will guide the seller to prepare POA, appeal attachment, certificate, test report, certificate, etc., And Party A confirms whether the seller has all the requirements to unlock
6 Seller's preparation: Seller compiles his own POA according to POA template provided by Party A, collects evidence of various appeal materials, etc
7 Seller’s Appeal: The seller builds a ordinary case through the complaint button, or sends the mail to the internal email address provided by Party A
8 Open Internal TT follow-up Case: Party A creates an internal TT case based on the information provided by the seller, and discusses the unlocking with Case owner to facilitate the unlocking operation
9 Supplementary Material: According to Case Owner's opinion transmitted by Party A, Party B provides the necessary material and Party A facilitates the review again
10 Successfully unlocked:  We’ll inform you when the unlocking is successful
  Division of labor
1 Party A: Verify the reason why the account is locked, the reason why the appeal failed, confirm the possibility of unlocking; Provide POA template, material list, guide preparation; Open internal TT follow-up case, communicate with Case Owner, complete account review
2 Party B: provide account email address, compile POA, prepare appeal materials, and submit appeal materials
  Unlocking period
From the date of submit the appeal, normally within 10 working days the review will complete, because the account is locked in different conditions, different condition needs different unlocking process and time, the corresponding unlocking time is as follows:
Suspand:10 Business day
Blocked:15 Business day
Inactived:20 Business day
Closed:30 Business day
  Unlocking Charge standards
Since different block conditions affect different workloads, therefore, we charge according to the different account status, the detailed criteria are as follows:
Suspend Starting price: 50000 RMB
Blocked Starting price: 80000 RMB
Inactive Starting price: 100000 RMB
Closed Starting price: 120000 RMB
  Risk of unlocking account
1  Amazon has the right to interpret Amazon's rules. Because of different national policies, different cultural backgrounds and so on, sometimes we cannot fully understand Amazon's community rules
2  The accounts review team of Amazon comes from different countries, and the review process is a process in which people from all walks of life have different views
3  During the account unlocking process, we can only play a bridge role, timely communicate with the Case Owner, understand the process, find and help the seller solve the problem, guide the case owner to unlock, but we cannot decided the review result
  Exemption Clause
After Party A accepts Party B's agreement of unlocking, Party A will try its best to unlock the account, if the unlocking is unsuccessful, Party A will refund the account in full and no longer bear any other responsibilities, but Party A will choose the full refund or partial refund according to the actual situation when the following circumstances arise:
1 During the unlocking process, Party B’s account or account owner violated the local laws, being prosecuted, being sealed up, etc
2 Party B lies or hides the real situation about its account, provide fake data for POA, counterfeit evidence, being identified by amazon and resulting in failure of the appeal.
3 During the appeal process, party B took the initiative to stop the appeal
4 Party B doesn’t cooperate with Party A’s guide, fail to timely provide the appeal material, intentionally delay the preparation period, etc